iPod Hi Fi specs but not actual watt power


What is the wattage specification for iPod Hi-Fi?

Apple does not specifying the wattage rating of the output volume on the iPod Hi-Fi. A wattage rating only specifies how much potential power is available to the amplifier and speakers. Amplifiers and speaker drivers are never (and sometimes not even close to) 100% efficient. Instead of reporting the starting or potential power, Apple states the maximum peak sound pressure level (SPL) which is the final output, or end result of that power. A wattage specification is not a reliable means to determine sound volume. A very efficient 20-watt system is theoretically capable of playing just as loudly as a very inefficient 80-watt system.

The iPod Hi-Fi performance specifications are:

Frequency response: 53Hz to 16kHz plus or minus 3 dB
Maximum peak sound pressure level: 108 dB at 1 m (AC); 102 dB at 1 m (DC)



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